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Some of the buildings at Isola have a history that goes hundreds of years back to when they where a part of what was then called “Hovgården”.

Hovgården has since been split into separate properties over the years.

In 2018 Niklas acquires the property and names it Isola Gård. In the blog section we try to document the journey since then.

Aerial photo from 1961

Here we can see the old main building with the gambrel style roof and double chimneys. Either it burned down or a previous owner just decided to replace it with a new house 🥹.

Also you can see the barn built over the entry road (“portlider” in swedish).

There is also the thatched roofs on the barn buildings.

The building techiques of the barn is post-and-plank (skiftesverk) as well as what’s in swedish referred to as “högsulelada med raveltak”.

This is quite unique and the barn is one of only around twenty, that are still standing on Öland.

Aerial photo from 1980s

In this photo we can see the new main building and a new garage.

Also the barn has been “cut off” and the roofs replaced with tin roofs that are still there to this day.

The “guest house” has not yet got its new roof and windows.

Can you spot the horse in the photo? 🐎

ISOLA is the Italian word for “island”. It is also the name of the third (and arguably the best) album of the legendary Swedish band Kent.

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